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Olga Rozanova
Olga Rozanova

ROZANOVA, Olga Vladimirovna

b.1886, Melenki, near Vladimir; d.1918, Moscow Studied at the art school of A. Bolshakov, in the drawing and painting school of Konstantin Yuon and I. Dudin, at the Stroganov School in Moscow (1904-10), and at Elizaveta Zvantseva's school of drawing and painting in St. Petersburg (1912-13). Participant in exhibitions : Union of Youth (1911-14), International Exhibition of Free Futurists (Rome, 1914), Tramway V (1915), 0.10 (1915-16), Shop (1916), Knave of Diamonds (1915, 1917) etc. Lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Member of the Supremus group (1915). Designed Futurist books and almanachs from 1912.

Olga Rozanova. Four aces. Simultaneous image. Playing cards series. 1915
Olga Rozanova - O.Rozanova. Queen of Diamonds. Playing cards series
Olga Rozanova. Writing Desk. 1916
Olga Rozanova
Olga Rozanova
Olga Rozanova. United Green Strip

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